Buying a property will be one of the largest decisions you'll make in your lifetime and it can be a daunting task. I am committed to working in your best interests and i'm here to help make the process of purchasing a home easier, more enjoyable and guide you through all the intricacies every step of the way. My goal is to match you with a community that fits your needs. 


I will prepare you so that sellers perceive you as a preferred buyer, and help you locate and assess properties for sale that match your specifications. I will guide you through the multitude of details attending the actual purchase. I constantly stay up-to-date with the current homes on the market, and recent sales. I know the values well, so I can help you determine which properties are fairly-priced and in good condition. This ensures you do not waste time viewing properties that do not suit you. 

Taking the First Step

No. 1

You’ve come to the right place! Buying a home is one of  the biggest decisions you'll ever make. Take a moment to ask yourself why you want to buy. To start building equity? To have a place of your own? To raise a family? To move up to a bigger house? Next, list your “wish list items" and “must have items”.

The Next Step 

No. 2

Let’s get you pre-qualified with a mortgage company. There will be many questions when you apply for a mortgage and having an experienced broker is integral. Getting you pre-approved is an essential part of the buying process and plays a big part in building your budget. This will help me understand what you can afford and help narrow down properties based on these numbers. This can be done over the phone or even online in a matter of minutes. Call me and I will refer you to a mortgage professional that has an excellent reputation for successfully acquiring loan approval for his/her clients. 

Let’s get you a Lawyer

No. 4

So, we’re dating now and you want to take this a step further and ask for my hand in marriage but, you need to ask for my father’s permission. ( YES, I went there! this is the easiest way to explain this step) It’s important to hire a lawyer that specializes in real estate. it doesn’t hurt to have a lawyer look over any offer to purchase before you submit it and a real estate lawyer will also conduct a title search and check for outstanding taxes and liens on the property. This is essentially the “what are your intentions for my daughter part”.

Let’s Start Shopping!

No. 3

This is where the fun begins! First we meet in person, consider it a first date!.. i want to get to know you better and hear all about your vision. We input all your buying criteria into our MLS system which is much more detailed compared to the public sites available to you. We work together to narrow down specifics such as location or considered areas, price, size, proximity to schools, how much time are you willing to spend to commute to work? and much much more.


After that, we hit the road for some private showings, open houses and go over all the information in person. At this point, we start to narrow the results down to your preferred homes and area in preparation for an offer. Finding the home or investment that is perfect for you can take a few days, weeks or even years. At no point will you feel pressure to purchase or make a quick decision. I am available to you as long as it takes!


No. 5

You’re proposing! Eek! We’ve found your perfect humble abode and now you’re ready to make an Offer. Consider it the “will you marry me?” of the home buying process.

I will guide you every step of the way and negotiate a fair offer based on the value of comparable homes in the same neighborhood.


Did they accept? Did they counter-offer? .. don’t worry, i’m here and i’ll help you.

Preparing for Closing

No. 6

They said "yes"! Now you're "engaged" and there's lots to do before you "walk down the aisle", aka, move in to your new home!


I will be here to facilitate access visits, aid in communication with the lawyers and provide you with everything you need to know before moving day!